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Die Endrunde der 9. Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft der Frauen (englisch FIFA Women’s World Cup) findet vom 20. Juli bis 20. August 2023 in Australien und Neuseeland statt.
FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 Group H South Korea Vs Germany TECHNiCAL iNFORMATiON Rls.info : 2023.08.03, Football, 1h 57mn 6.03 GiB 65x100mb Video : AVC, 1920x1080 , Remux 6840 Kbps Audio : AC3, English, 6ch, 48.0 KHz 384 Kbps Subtitles : English DVBSUB and SUBRiP iNFO.Link : https //fifa.com/ M O R E N E X T i N F O p L o T iMDB, riPpeR/gRp nOteS E T C WHAT WE ARE ABOUT AS GRGROUP tHis iS hUmblE n CHiLL SECTiON oF dArkSiDeRs DARKSD E R S : aRe StiLL cHiLLn, StiLL pRe fOLdeR fiLLin iDeNt: DARKSTARS, LoCaTiOn: NeoKoBe YeAr: 2 0 2 3 of CyBeRpUnk 0 WE R OuR TV/MoViE SeCtiOn DiD bOrN iN 2018 LOYALTY ONLY : S MANY WANTED US BACK, HERE WE ARE in 2023 TRUTH, LIKE TRUST.... 1O : sMaLL gRp FaMiLy tRyinG tO dOmiNaTe WeLL MUTUAL ACTiV : oFC wE aRe wErE aLsO hErE tO shOw HoW RESPECT MtiV8 : aLSo rAgTaG BanDit GrOuP hAS pOsSibiLitY FAMiLY DOiNG : FRiENDSHiP MOST : WE DO MOSTLY JAPANASE HDTV WiTH SUBTITLES : WE ALSO RELEASE EG. ANiME BDs ANS WEB RIPS WE ARE DA REBELS : WE ARE LOOKING FOR BLUERAY AND DVD SUPPLYS DARKSiDERS FAMiLY iS: : DARKSiDERS(GAMES 0DAY dbOOk(EBOOKS) : DARKAUDiO(MUSiC DARKFLiX (TV AND MOViES):: : DARKZER00DAY GAMES JAVSiDERS (JAV XXX : DS FAMiLY 2023 DARKSDERS DARKAUDiO PRESCRiPTiON JAVSiDERS ACES wAx BEAN ANiHLS ANiURL AEROHOLiCS KNiSO LiNKLE dbOOK CRD TiTAN DiViNE SKIDROW HOODLUM DARKZER0 LoKET CONTACT h We are intrested in finding Asian Movie and MViD Suppliers and JPN TV Cappers DONT HESiTATE EMAiL US darkstarsprotonmail.com ASCii: hDS File: fifa.womens.world.cup.2023.group.h.south.korea.vs.germany.1080p.hdtv.h264-darksport-sample.mkv Size: 59707818 bytes (57 MiB , duration: 00:01:00, bitrate: 7846 kb/s Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1(side , fltp, 384 kb/s (eng) Video: h264 (High , yuv420p(tv, bt709, top first , 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9 , 7503 kb/s, 25,00 fps(r (eng) Subtitles: eng, eng