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Hard (2024)
Genre: All Sex
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Hard (2024)
Hard (2024) Lauren and James lead a high-intensity life. For Lauren Walker and James Duval, high-intensity sport and sex are an integral part of their lives. Will they be ready for the biggest competition of their careers? Passionate about sport, Lauren Walker and James Duval are lucky enough to be able to practice their favorite activity every day. Every morning, weather permitting, Lauren goes for a jog in the forest and along the beach. On her return, she heads straight for the shower and invites James to join her. A good way for the couple to start the day. These days, with a big cross-training competition coming up, they don't have much time to relax. As soon as they've had breakfast, the couple head off to meet Marcello Bravo, their trainer. As he does every day, he has prepared a series of exercises that won't give them much respite. Between cardio, weight training and nutrition, the couple have no choice but to listen to his advice if they want to be ready on D-day. To complete their training, Marcello called on Shalina Devine, ex-physiotherapist with a gymnastics team, who has turned to private coaching.
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